Q. What CBD do you use? 

A. We use the highest quality, organic CBD from Bristol CBD which are novel food compliant in line with the novel food guidelines published by the Food Standards Agency in the UK. You can find out more about Bristol CBD and check our their third party lab reports here.

Q. Are your blends safe for vegans?

A. All of our blends contain vegan friendly ingredients, and we're proud to say no animals suffered in the making of them. They can be mixed with any milk or plant based milk of your choosing.

Q. Are your blends gluten free?

A. There is no gluten products used in our blends, however, we cannot claim they're 100% free of gluten cross contamination at this time as they're packaged in our home (which contains gluten) although we do make an effort to be sure that separate utensils are used and that gluten is not handled nearby. We would like to make the product fully safe for gluten intolerances as soon as possible but for now ask that you use your own judgement on whether this product is right for you.

Q. When should I consume this?

A. Whenever you suffer with PMS and would like to soothe your symptoms! For me that's just before and during my period, as well as during ovulation, but everyone has a different cycle and different symptoms so there is no right or wrong way.