Hey, I'm Ruby - Founder of Femme Cacao.

I'm on a mission to help women feel like goddesses every day of the month, using the power of cacao and natural ingredients.


Did you know that as much as 90% of women suffer from PMS and that 1 in 10 women between the ages of 15-49 suffer from endometriosis? 

Before Femme Cacao, I worked as a chocolatier and Editor of my own fine chocolate magazine that was read all over the world. Over the years I met dozens of cool women who taught me what a superfood chocolate really is and the amazing superpowers it has to heal, rejuvenate, energize, and soothe!

There is nothing more comforting on my period than a warm mug of hot chocolate. In a study by Clue, a whopping 40% to 60% of women reported craving chocolate during their periods… so it's not just me! 

And no wonder! Cacao (the main ingredient in good chocolate) is filled with powerful nutrients that are naturally mood-boosting, energizing, cramp, and pain-relieving like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and calcium.

Drinking chocolate has been used as a delicious remedy for over 5000 years and has been accepted as a powerful medicinal beverage throughout history. 

However, having worked in the chocolate industry I saw first hand how most of the chocolate we consume today is filled with ultra-processed chocolate that contains low-quality and inflammatory ingredients that actually make our PMS symptoms worse! 

So, I got to work creating a drinking chocolate that’s delicious and satisfies our chocolate cravings, whilst being specifically designed to alleviate PMS symptoms.

And that’s how Femme Cacao was born! Our Goddess Blend contains premium chocolate, mixed with useful ingredients such as raspberry leaf and lucuma, which boosts our energy, soothes our symptoms and balances our mood!

Every decision we make at Femme Cacao is about how we can empower women to feel their best every day of the month. 

We create all of our products with our community in mind. Our PMS drinking chocolate range was developed with science in mind and has been trialled on real women and made according to their feedback and valuable insights.

Enough about me, now it’s your turn! If you're ready to join our mission, if you're getting weighed down by unwanted period symptoms and you believe nature might be the answer, please join us. Spread the word, follow this journey, and get involved. Together we can make change happen.

Femme Cacao is here to serve YOU, and together we can feel our best, no matter the day of the month!